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Who We Are

Undercover Artists combine the talents of West End performers to bring you the best in entertainment for your event. Our singing waiters specialise in Classical Crossover and Musical Theatre although we cover all genres of music, having performed at prestigious events and venues throughout Europe and the UK including the 2015 Champions League Final in Berlin, The Royal Albert Hall, Blenheim Palace, Nottingham Ice Arena, Arena tours and for Royalty.


What We Do

Our team will create a bespoke package tailor made to your needs, and using the same core performers ensures that we deliver a highly choreographed and polished show. Performing for 20-30 minutes, our singing waiters will integrate themselves into your special day, taking on the role of the wait staff or one of your guests before bursting into song, getting everyone involved. We can also provide alternative entertainment, from Classical Duos, to Party Bands, Frozen Characters and Drag Artistes, so please let us know what we can do for you.


Who With?

We don’t just perform at Weddings, we also regularly perform at huge corporate events. Here are just a few of our previous clients:



  • How it Works...

    Every surprise will be different depending on the party and situation, although we generally follow a similar pattern for our shows. The team you have booked will arrive an hour and a half before your guests are due to arrive to set up the PA system and sound check, this is so that no one in your party can spot us and ruin the surprise. We will then change into the uniform of the venue and start helping out with duties for when your guests arrive to blend in. Throughout the meal/buffet/drinks reception we will be as involved as possible, helping out with canapes, starters, mains, etc... before bursting into song as desserts have been placed down.

  • How Does The Surprise Start?

    Unlike other companies, we don't like causing a negative atmosphere by starting with an argument, or bringing a chef out who hasn't been seen throughout the entire meal. We like to use one of our female waitresses who has been serving you all day. As the last dessert has been placed on the table, one of our team will be walking through the room with a very large tray of spoons ready to place them on another table, only as they do so, they fall and trip on the floor falling flat on their face, causing a massive commotion. As guests go to help them up, one of the other waiters will start the music, and the waitress who has fallen on the floor will get up and start singing, before others join in as the set goes on.

  • How Long Will Our Show Be?

    Our surprise shows usually last between 20-30 minutes, this is usually 6-8 songs. We find this amount of time works best and keeps everyone entertained. We have an extensive set list which you can choose from, ranging from Classical, to Rat Pack. If you can't find what you're looking for we will learn an additional 2 songs with 1 months notice.

  • What Performers Will I Be Getting?

    At Undercover Artists, we only use the highest standard of performers. What makes us different is that we are a small community of singers who have all worked together in the West End or at high profile events together over the past 10 years. From performing at the Champions League Final in Berlin, to The Royal Albert Hall, we only use the best singers. All singers have been Classically trained or attended Drama School in London so can perform all genres of music. We like to throw a couple of Classical songs in there to show what we can really do, but we guarantee only the best.

  • How Many Performers Can I Book?

    Our standard package comes in teams of 2, but we can provide up to teams of 6 should you wish. We also provide male and female performers with the male/female or female/female being our most popular lineup. Please specify which you would prefer when booking so that we can accomodate your needs.

  • Do You Provide Your Own Equipment?

    Yes we do. We provide PA systems and radio mics for our shows. However if you have a larger venue with over 200+ guests you will need to arrange, or we will arrange on your behalf a larger PA system (at an additional cost). We are also fully insured with Public Liability insurance with coverage of up to £10,000,000 and can provide a copy should you need it. All our equipment has also been PAT tested.

  • Where Are You Based?

    Our main base is in Warwickshire in the Midlands but we have performers dotted all over the country, from London to Derbyshire. We will also travel and have performed all over the World, from The Property Awards in Northern Cyprus to the Caribbean, no show is too far for us to travel.

  • Can You Offer Me An Alternative?

    Yes, if you would rather something a bit different we can offer Singing Policemen/Women, Singing bar staff, Singing guests, the list goes on. We can also provide singing Frozen characters.



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