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One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “how do we choose our songs?”. Because our singing waiters are trained and have featured in the West End or on UK number 1 tours, this means that our repertoire list is quite large, covering everything from Classical and “The Greatest Showman” to modern day chart music, but this can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to picking songs. So we’ve put together a little guide on what to look out for.

1. What kind of atmosphere would you like to create

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself, would you like your guests to sit back and watch the performance, or be up dancing for the majority of the set? If it’s the latter then there’s probably no point in choosing your favourite ballad, because although we will give 100%, a ballad isn’t exactly going to have your guests up and raring to go. Our advice is to start with something big to make an impact (our favourites are “Nessun Dorma” for those classical lovers, or Queen – “Don’t Stop me Now”) and building from there, getting everyone involved song by song.

2. What kind of opening song should I choose

So we’ve touched on this briefly, but starting with something big and impressive is the best way to make an impact. From experience, avoid any songs that have a long introduction as it could potentially give the game away, and although a 20 second intro doesn’t sound like a long time, when you’re on the floor after the tray drop waiting for the music to start, it can seem like a lifetime! Also, choose a song that ends on a high for the best reaction, another example of this is “Shout” by Lulu.

3. How do I put my songs into an order

This is the one question where we always recommend leaving it up to us to put your songs in an order. We perform at over 200 events a year and know these songs inside out and what works, and what doesn’t. We like to build throughout the set and often get people up waving napkins or holding hands from the third song, we also want to keep your guests up and dancing for the rest of the set, so a misplaced song makes all the difference from keeping your guests on their feet, to sitting back down again.

4. How will you get our guests up dancing

We’re often told by clients that their guests may be a little difficult to get up, but trust us, we have it covered. The trick is by giving people something to do so that they don’t feel self conscious. If you simply tell someone to get up and dance, the chances are they won’t. However, we have certain songs that are guaranteed to get people up waving napkins and joining in as we have instructions beforehand. Our best songs for this are “That’s Amore”, “Sweet Caroline” and for the Classical fans, “Funiculi Funicula”. Touch wood, they haven’t failed yet!

5. How can I please everyone

The chances are you can’t, people have such varied tastes in music so the trick is to pick popular songs that will appeal to the majority, that people will know the words to and can easily sing a long to. We want you to have the songs you love, but the songs that work are not necessarily the songs you’d sit at home and listen to. For example as soon as “500 Miles” comes on, you can guarantee people will be dancing away doing the conga. Trust me, we would love nothing more than to sing your favourite Metallica song (we actually would) but will your guests know the words?

Above all we’re here to help and will happily give you our advice on what songs we think work best so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Venue – The Bay Tree Hotel, Cotswolds –