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Now our singing waiters are lucky enough to visit some of the most beautiful venues the UK has to offer, but did you know that every venue comes with a different set of rules and regulations? There are a few things our secret singers need to be able to pull off the best surprise performance possible, so here’s a little check list you may want to ask your Wedding/event co-ordinator as you may not necessarily have thought of them when booking with us.

Does the performance room have power

This is probably the most important question! Now we’re used to performing in all types of rooms, from barn conversions to super yachts, however we will need 1 power socket minimum to be able to use our PA system and microphones. This is something that is often overlooked when performing in marquees or even outside, so it’s worth asking your venue what they have available.

Does the venue have a sound limiter/noise restrictions

Although not ideal, we can tailor our performance for venues that do have sound limiters in place. All this means is that our show will be a little quieter than we would usually like, and whilst we aren’t as loud as a band, audience volumes are taken into account with the restrictions, so if the music is not as loud as you’d like, this will be to avoid any limiters shutting off the performance half way through. We are completely used to working with limiters however and they usually operate a “traffic light” system which helps give you a little notice if anything is getting a bit too loud.

Does the venue require PAT and PLI certificates

We can provide both PAT test and PLI certificates (with coverage of up to £10,000,000) if needed so please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re also happy to send any of these over directly to the venue should you like us to.

Does the venue have a suitable changing room for performers

Including travel, our show days are usually 12 hour days for us, so once we’ve set up the equipment and performed sound checks we will need a suitable space to leave our bags and get changed in. This only needs to be a conference room or office space, but it’s also somewhere to rest briefly once our serving duties are over.

Does the venue have suitable parking

When providing the PA system we do ask for parking to be provided or reimbursed as we’ll need to park as close to the venue as possible to unload the equipment. We do appreciate that not all venues have parking, so we’re happy to provide receipts should we need to find somewhere else.

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