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We know what you’re thinking, where do I even start? There are many different companies to choose from at the moment which can make things slightly overwhelming. So we thought we’d put together a few top tips and questions to ask when considering the best singing waiters for you. Obviously we’d like to think it would be us (after all, you’ve found our handy little guide) but hopefully this will help you narrow down who to choose to surprise your unsuspecting guests.

Listen and watch LIVE footage

We can’t stress this enough… this is probably the most important thing to do. Take the time to watch / listen to as many live clips as you possibly can of the singing waiters performing. It’s very easy to be distracted by waving napkins, people singing Sweet Caroline, or even an overdubbed track with the latest TikTok trend (although we do love a bit of TikTok). You want to wow your guests with not only the whole singing waiters experience, but by amazing vocals (trust us, there’s nothing worse than having Gary from the Pub turn up who loves to sing a bit of Karaoke on a Saturday night). We post as many clips from real Weddings and events over on our Instagram so that you can see (and hear) exactly what you will be getting on the day – @undercoverartistsUK

Ask which performers you will be getting

This is probably one of the biggest days of your lives, don’t leave it up to chance as to who will arrive on the day. We are a small group of friends who have worked together in the industry for many many years. You will be able to find our individual bio’s on the website, you can then head on over to our Instagram and watch our Undercover Waiters live in action. We don’t outsource our shows, the performers on our website are the only performers that we use.

Ask to see the song list and choose the songs

Music is such a personal thing. We want you to have the songs you love, all whilst getting the best response from us. After being in business for nearly 9 years, we have put together a rather extensive song list of tried and tested songs to surprise your guests with. We update this list regularly, and will liaise with you during our planning call 4 weeks before your event to finalise your songs. This way there will be no “surprises” on the day (apart from us obviously) and you end up with something that you don’t like.

Ask if they perform a sound check

Again, this is such an important thing to do. Not only to sing through everything together, but to make sure all the equipment is working correctly, that there are no faulty plug sockets / leads etc… It’s also a good time to test the music levels and make sure that things aren’t too loud / too quiet for the room and that the tracks are equalised. We allow 2 hours to set up and sound check and will arrive 2 hours before your guests to make sure we have enough time to do this. It doesn’t take us this long, but it’s just in case anyone arrives early as we wouldn’t want to reveal ourselves and give the game away.

Are you insured

Check that your secret waiters have PLI (public liability insurance) and all equipment has been PAT tested. Jess from the team handles all our venue calls and will forward these onto the venue the week before your event to make sure that they have everything.

Check the reviews

And finally, check the reviews! Google and Facebook would be our top recommendations on where to have a look. There’s no bigger endorsement than from previous clients.

We hope this has helped a little bit and we look forward to surprising your guests soon!

Venue: Grangefields (preferred suppliers)

Photographers: Esther Louise Triffitt Photography & Rosie Kelly Photography