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The majority of our working day is spent on the road travelling all around the country to perform at Weddings, Corporate Events, and parties, so you can only imagine how much our singing waiters spend on coffee each day… so when we got the call asking us if we’d like to come and perform for Caffè Nero we jumped at the chance! On the 9th of October 2019, Caffè Nero held their annual “International Barista of the Year” awards in Covent Garden, London. They flew their top Barista’s in from around the World (Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Cyprus, Ireland, USA, UAE and of course the UK) to complete for the title, and our task was to act as “undercover barista’s” throughout the competition before bursting into song, getting everyone involved. We absolutely love doing something a little bit different, although I don’t think we’ll be giving up our job as undercover waiters just yet…!